Do What Makes You Happy!

Settling for less than you deserve is a route that many people choose in order to project the illusion to everyone else that they are happy. When we settle for less than we deserve we are hurting ourselves. Sure settling might be the most realistic choice you have right now, but that is only because you are choosing to not be safe, but instead are taking a chance on finding a love of a lifetime or never being able to find a love that you may think you deserve.

When we choose someone to be with, we should choose someone who is willing to make us feel as though we are alive every single day. Waking up to someone who we deserve will put a smile on our face every morning, and a smile on our face every night before we go to sleep. Someone we deserve will have us feeling alive inside, will be somebody that we are really attracted to, not only physically, but mentally, and spiritually. Don’t settle for what may seem okay, settle for being in love and being with someone who only wants to see you happy!



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